You might be surprised to learn how much it can cost to move.  Figure out how much you should budget here.

Why lose equity moving when you can BUILD equity by renovating?

There are a lot of hidden costs when you buy and sell your home. This calculator is here to show you how much it actually costs to change addresses. Does it make more sense to move? Or to renovate?

Current Home Sale Price


Enter 0 if 1st time buyer

New Home Purchase Price


Any Mortgage Buyout/Penalites?


Realtor Fees


Property Transfer Tax (on purchase only)


Total Moving Cost

How long does it take to save this much money for you?


Realtor Fee After First $100k


(assumes 7% on first $100k), typically 2-3% on the balance

Legal Fees


Current Home Sqft



Moving Expenses


Desired New Home Sqft, including Garage

New Home Construction Cost,


typically $225-$300/sqft for homes >4000sqft and $260-$325/sqft for homes <4000sqft

Floorplans & Interior Design Allowance


Permits & Professional Fee Allowance


Total Construction Costs


Grand Total


These numbers are very high level simple allowances/calculations. Costs for construction can vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and also vary depending on exsiting site conditions and/or environmental conditions. To get a more firm idea of what a new build might cost where you live, give us a call and we can discuss what steps might need to be taken to determine that.

If you are selling your current home before or during construction, don't forget to add rent, any extra storage you might need, as well as an extra move.

Renovation Costs: there is too much variance to provide an easy to use calculator. Give us a call or fill out the contact form and we can talk you through what those costs may be... That said, we are working on a more detailed renovation and new home construction calculator to help you make an informed decision. So stay tuned for that!