An unplanned kitchen reno becomes a serene refuge

Inspired by its location on the edge of a forest, the kitchen in this North Vancouver home exudes West Coast style by focusing on its connection to the outdoors, incorporating natural wood finishes and maximizing the benefits of natural light.

The kitchen was originally outside the scope of planned renovations, but when the wall separating the kitchen from the living room was replaced with a 22-foot-long structural beam, the owners quickly realized it would have to be included to get the look and feel they wanted for their home.

Their brief to Sprucehill Contracting’s president and owner Erik Jensen and interior designer Liz Jest was to maintain the home’s West Coast style and focus on functionality: They wanted the 12-by-18-foot space to support their love of entertaining, have enough seating for the family, be low maintenance, and perform as efficiently as possible. Continue reading…


Feb 09 2019


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