Custom home building and home renovations require the knowledge and skills of amazing people. It’s not easy to write the profiles of team members who’d rather spend their time on-site making clients’ dreams into reality than describing themselves to a copywriter. However, since each of them is such an integral part of our success, we’ve given it our best shot.




President & Owner

Erik is one of few Vancouverites that has been here his entire life. In fact, he has called the North Shore home for more than 95% of his life.

As a kid, he found himself helping his dad in the workshop and then helping the trades that came to work on the family house. His passion for construction was reignited while volunteering at Camp Artaban. He helped construct an out building for the campers so they could use flushing toilets instead of pit toilets. He can recall the moment when, sitting on the porch of Summerville House, lacing up his workboots, he smiled and realized, “Hey, I really love this stuff!”

Thankfully, his loving and extremely supportive wife (who had just watched him go through 4 strenuous years of post-secondary education getting his Bachelor of Computer Science Degree) didn’t leave him when he broke the news that he wanted to quit his office job managing a local IT firm to swing a hammer in 2006! Thanks Lianne!!!

As an excellent visual learner and problem solver, Erik quickly worked his way from labourer, to apprentice, to journeyman in under 2 years.

Sprucehill was incorporated in 2006, but Erik didn’t really get serious about creating his business until January of 2009. When he did get serious, he got really serious and set out to make Sprucehill Contracting the best custom home builder and renovation company on the North Shore.

Now, Erik leverages the problem solving and technology skills learned in university to enable Sprucehill to run as efficiently and as organized as it does. And, if you ask him, he’ll tell you that Sprucehill is one of the most organized construction companies in the biz. And if you ask the trades and clients that work with Sprucehill, they’ll agree!

What Erik is most proud of are his wife and kids, but a close second is the team that he gets to work with every day. And it’s that team that allows Sprucehill to grow and provide our customers with a fantastic construction experience.




Project Manager

During his 13 year career, Darin had made a habit of learning something new every step of the way. He began his career in the Okanagan, doing commercial renovations for restaurants, hospitals, airports and schools. He ultimately shifted his focus to residential construction and went to work for a custom home builder. There, he learned how to design and build from the ground up to completion. Darin then spent four years working for a renovation contractor in Kamloops, learning every different sub-trade hands-on.

From there, Darin finally made his way down the Coquihalla to North Vancouver to join the Sprucehill team as lead carpenter and site supervisor. With his trademark hunger for tackling new challenges, however, it didn’t take him long to advance to Project Manager. Darin is currently enrolled in the Project Management Program at BCIT. He also attends construction seminars to keep up on the latest trends, building science and building code changes.

A devoted family man, Darin still works, lives and plays on the North Shore with his wife, daughter, son and Rocco—the family ‘fur baby’. In fact, despite all his career accomplishments, he seems to be proudest of the fact that he has renovated three of his own homes while managing to keep his marriage intact.

Don’t be so quick to take credit for that, Darin. After all, your wife is an ER nurse. She knows how to deal with a crisis.




Interior Designer

In addition to overseeing the design aspects of every project, Liz also assists our project managers. Oh, and she is also part of our marketing & management team. And if you think that’s a lot of hats for Liz to be wearing, well, please mention this to Erik at her next performance review.

Prior to joining our team, Liz spent six years in the printing industry. Her experience working with the Canadian Home Builders Association of BC producing its BC Homes magazine initially sparked her interest in interior design and construction in general.

Born in the UK, Liz has been a North Shore resident since age seven and currently lives in Upper Lonsdale. Her favourite thing about life on the North Shore is the ability to explore the tranquil forest. The trails in our own backyard are a close second!

Hey, if you worked with the boss as much as she does, you’d be seeking out peace and tranquility too.




Interior Designer

Leanne’s passion for interior design began with home makeover shows, redecorating and organizing her sister’s and friend’s bedrooms, and being involved in every detail of design changes to her family home. When her parents renovated the family kitchen, which involved a small addition, it gave her a first look at the construction and renovation processes as well as the functional and aesthetic considerations involved. Her parents’ negative experience highlighted how important having the right people on the job can make such a difference in the overall experience.

Her background is in customer service and in-store merchandising where she discovered her love for a good puzzle; fitting all the pieces, colours, and textures into spaces to create a beautiful cohesive display. After completing her degree in Psychology, Leanne decided to pursue her passion in interior design and make it a career. She graduated with distinction from BCIT with a Diploma in Residential Interior Design and a specialization in kitchen and bath design.

In her current role she enjoys how every day and project is so different. She can be found sourcing the perfect product, drawing a client’s space, or visiting a job site. Leanne works tirelessly to turn client’s dream into a cohesive plan that reflects their personality and lifestyle.