Sprucehill Mission & Vision Statements

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional quality homes, renovations and customer experiences.

Our Vision

We will change our clients’ lives through elegant and functional design. 


We will leverage technology whenever and wherever possible to maximize efficiency and effectiveness throughout our organization while maintaining an insatiable appetite for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

The Sprucehill Manifesto

For the client and contractor alike, once a project is underway it becomes easy to think of it simply as “a project”. The goal can become: just get to the next phase and keep things moving forward.

However, we never forget that it’s much more than that. From the initial plan to the last finishing nail, it’s your home. Your sanctuary. The place where your kids will grow up. It’s often the sum of your entire life’s work, and the most significant financial and emotional investment you will ever make. And you’ve entrusted us with the privilege and responsibility of constructing it. We want you to always love your home and be thrilled you chose us to work with.

Our team never forgets that since so much of your life is invested in the process. Even the most straightforward project can create stress and anxiety for you as the client. As renovators and custom home builders, we consider stress to be like asbestos—if it’s present, we remove it completely so it won’t affect you.

We know a house is more than a building

It’s where you and your family live

It’s where you create memories

It’s your build and we treat it that way.

True, renovating a home or building one can be a massive and complex undertaking. But in terms of how we do business, we believe in keeping things simple:

  • Keep the focus on our clients and our work.
  • No bragging.
  • Don’t b.s.
  • Never over-promise and under deliver.
  • Follow through on everything we say and do.
  • Treat the client’s satisfaction as our ultimate reward.

You would think any of these things would be a given, but unfortunately, for many in this industry it seems they just aren’t.

That’s why Sprucehill was created—because we sincerely believed we could be the best renovator and home builder in town. So, we keep our focus on these core principles.

They will always guide us in everything we do. Not just regarding building practices, but also in terms of how we conduct ourselves as a business and as people.