Home Sweet Chateau | Sprucehill Contracting Inc.
custom home build, custom millwork, stucco, mountain views, oak flooring, eclipse door, landscaping, exterior living, luxury living
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Home Sweet Chateau

About This Project

This West Coast contemporary chateau blends natural and synthetic materials including: wood, stone, stucco, concrete foam trim and engineered cedar soffits. It also features majestic envelope roofs and an integrated outdoor living space.
A separate dining area, off the open floor plan, offers both privacy and intimacy.
The open, two-story vaulted foyer features floor-to-ceiling masonry.
Rough-cut cedar wrapping on beams lends a natural wood look & feel.
Natural stone is used throughout the home, as are granite countertops.

Designed to be spacious without feeling empty or cavernous:
Oversized staircase
Large walkways and hallways
16’ eclipse door that opens wide for an inviting indoor/outdoor living space.
Built to be aesthetically beautiful while smartly accommodating the needs of a large family:
Five bedrooms plus 5 ½ baths;
Mudroom featuring cubbies for kids & parents, plus an extra fridge and deep freeze.

Engineered product was used throughout the home.
All millwork is made from low-VOC plywood.
Low, low, H20; garden is virtually water-free.
Features a condensing boiler for radiant floors and domestic hot water with recirculation pump.
Chilled & filtered water in the kitchen.
‘Chilled by nature’, insulated, foundation-cooled, net-zero-energy wine cellar. It’s really cool. Literally.
Smarter lights and power with fully integrated and automated lighting, sound, alarm and TV control and Nest thermostats use Control4.

Features an envelope roof, with R40 spray foam applied to the attic.
Getting the roof overhangs to look symmetrical took some serious geometry.
Engineered lumber, structural steel and cast piping.
Extensive soundproofing.
Staircase lighting. Head downstairs like a celebrity!
It took 466’ of retaining walls to create a level yard.
Discreet, designated RV parking to prevent ‘neighbour rage’.

2017 Georgie Award Finalist, 2017 Ovation Award Finalist, Custom Home