Elevated Character | Sprucehill Contracting Inc.
renovation, heritage home, wainscoting,
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Elevated Character

About This Project

We started with a beautiful 100 year old heritage home, which is not a bad place to start. We were able to modernize the space to meet the needs of a modern-day homeowner. That meant, among other things, a larger bedroom. However, the old home’s original finishings were a big reason why it was so beautiful. Thus, it was critical that we restore and/or preserve them, even though we also had to remove the chimney and repair the badly sagging floors. We also increased heat retention efficiency by removing wainscoting from walls to apply spray foam. This project was no mere facelift—it was reconstructive surgery, intended to look like we had turned back the clock.

2017 Georgie Award Finalist, Renovation
Before & After