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Custom Homes & Renovations

Sprucehill is a custom home builder and home renovation company.  Since 2006, our relentless drive for quality and customer service has established us as one of the North Shore’s top custom home builders.

From the initial plan to the last finishing nail,

it’s your home.


For the client and builder alike, once a build is underway it becomes easy to think of it simply as a project. The goal can become: just get to the next phase and keep things moving forward.


However, we never forget that it’s much more than that. From the initial plan to the last finishing nail, it’s your home. Your sanctuary. The place where your kids will grow up. It’s often the sum of your entire life’s work, and the most significant financial and emotional investment you will ever make. And you’ve entrusted us with the privilege and responsibility of constructing it. We want you to always love your home and be thrilled you chose us to work with.


Our team never forgets that since so much of your life is invested in the process. Even the most straightforward project can create stress and anxiety for you as the client. As custom home builders and home renovators, we consider stress to be like asbestos—if it’s present, we remove it completely so it won’t affect you.

We know a house is more than a building

It’s where you and your family live

It’s where you create memories

It’s your build and we treat it that way.

True, building a home is a massive and complex undertaking. But in terms of how we do business, we believe in keeping things simple:


  • Keep the focus on our clients and our work.
  • No bragging.
  • Don’t b.s.
  • Never over-promise and under deliver.
  • Follow through on everything we say and do.
  • Treat the client’s satisfaction as our ultimate reward.


You would think any of these things would be a given, but unfortunately, for many in this industry it seems they just aren’t.


That’s why Sprucehill was created—because we sincerely believed we could be the best home builder and renovator in town. So, we keep our focus on these core principles.


They will always guide us in everything we do. Not just regarding building practices, but also in terms of how we conduct ourselves as a business and as people.

Our Mission:


To foster a culture that promotes excellence and personal growth, create homes that stand the test of time, and provide a customer experience that turns clients into ambassadors.

Our Vision:


Sprucehill Contracting Inc. strives to be the most respected and coveted construction company on the North Shore and beyond. We inspire passion, dedication, and integrity within our employees by encouraging personal growth and development, by promoting from within, and by providing education and training.

Honesty and transparency are the cornerstone of how Sprucehill builds a trusting relationship with our clients. Our passion motivates us to go above and beyond, and exceed expectations in every aspect of what we do.

We take pride as an industry leader in building science, environmental awareness and home integration. As such, we choose to work with trades and vendors that also aspire to this threshold of excellence.  We proactively leverage technology to increase our efficiency and effectiveness and our systems create an integrated construction experience where clients, trades, and contractors have a respectful and symbiotic relationship.

Our goal is to leave a legacy where our employees grow and flourish, our customers become our ambassadors, and our work stands the test of time.


In our experience, communication is a skill that’s every bit as important as any other in construction (yes…even masonry). When it’s done well, it makes any other issue manageable, no matter the size. That’s why we’ve designed our process to keep you informed and engaged throughout your entire project.


Here is an overview of our three-phase, no-b.s. project management system:



Before any work begins, we develop a custom-designed plan and budget for your entire project, complete with a detailed overview:

  • Architectural reviews and consultations
  • Budgeting and feasibility studies
  • Detailed work plans and timelines
  • Securing all permits and approvals



Once the build begins, our cloud-based project management system ensures up-to-date budgeting and workflow scheduling to ensure maximum transparency and quality:

  • Complete onsite construction supervision and management
  • Sourcing materials
  • Bi-weekly client meetings
  • Dynamic budgeting and tracking


  • Comprehensive 2, 5 and 10-year warranty
  • 3 and 12-month post construction consultation and repairs
  • Ongoing maintenance guidance and advice


Sprucehill was created because we knew we could build homes better than anyone else. Over the past decade this belief has been validated as we have risen through the ranks of Vancouver’s competitive home renovation and construction industry. The proof – our number one driver of new business is through client referrals.


Our expert team is your complete building resource, we employ the finest designers, craftsmen and tradespeople. We feel continuing education and credentialing is critical and regularly attend events and trade shows to further our education and stay on top of the latest products and trends available.


It’s not easy to write profiles of team members who’d rather spend their time on-site making clients’ dreams into reality than describing themselves to a copywriter. However, since each of them is such an integral part of our success, we’ve given it our best shot.


Click here for our team bios.